Yoga For Beauty and Youth – Pranayama

Pranayama is a combination of two words in Sanskrit – “Prana” means life, and “ayama” means the “mode to control”. This is basically a conventional technique that takes the help of breathing process done in a controlled way to improve many other systems within the human body. In Pranayama you focus and control your breathe that helps in gaining and enhancing the body’s health, as well as in attaining a glowing skin too. Pranayama can be done in addition to other yogic asanas to gain maximum benefits. It should be done early morning with empty stomach. Regardless of this, one can do pranayama at any time of the day; just assure that you have not eaten anything at least 2 hours prior to performing Pranayama.

In order to do Pranayama, you just need to sit quietly on a comfortable place, in a comfortable position and with comfortable clothing on. The place you choose for doing this breathing exercise must be free from any outside distractions, unnecessary voices and pollution.

Kapaal Bharti Pranayama is the easiest and simplest form of Pranayama. It can be done as follows:

1) Take a deep breath, as much as you can, to fill your belly.

2) Forcefully exhale the air out to empty your stomach completely.

3) Repeat this continuously for at least 40-50 times non-stop, before you take a break and relax for a while.

4) Continue this for at least 10 minutes daily. You can extend the limit gradually to 30 minutes daily.


Kapaal Bharti Pranayama when practiced on a regular basis can help in:

- Releasing hypertension

- Preventing obesity

- Healing Asthma and Diabetes

- Healing Allergies

- Healing Cancer

- Improving Concentration

- Giving a Natural Glow to Your skin, because of the controlled intake of oxygen.

Since breathing processes are the most vital part of living, pranayama can facilitate a lot in providing more oxygen to different parts of body, including your brain, which controls all the other important parts.

Your skin gets benefited too, in this process, since this yoga technique can work as a cleanser as well as an important supplier of extra oxygen, to work as a natural re-vitalizer and anti-aging technique.