Monthly Archives: October 2016

Decorative Water Fountains – Beautiful and Soothing

The sounds of water trickling through one of the many decorative water fountains styles available today is demonstrably restful and soothing. Many homeowners are taking advantage of the beauty of these fountains to add interest and serenity to almost any room in the house. Fountains are often self-contained, with a tiny re-circulating water pump that can be tucked out of sight. You can take advantage of commercial designs to add to your decor ideas or design and build your own fountain. You can use a lovely fountain design to please the eye. The splash and movement of the
water is peaceful and almost hypnotic at times.

Improve Your Mental Health

In the lives of most people today, stress is a significant problem. Stress leads to such problems as high blood pressure, strokes, diabetes and even cancer. If you could reduce the likelihood of contracting such conditions and be assured of having a more joy filled existence, would you not be ready to take action? Fortunately, you no longer need to resort to prescription drugs to calm your jittery nerves and remove the tense muscles in your neck and jaw. Instead, schedule a ‘fountain break’ near one of the decorative water fountains in your home or office. Just a few minutes daily spent watching the falling water and listening to the sound will leave you feeling almost as refreshed as a nap.

A Fountain for Your Child’s Room

Placing decorative water fountains in your children’s bedroom is one of the easiest and most sensible ways to reduce night terrors. Some youngsters seem to have more trouble falling asleep than others. Others are disturbed by even a slight sudden noise from elsewhere in the house and startle awake. Interrupted sleep patterns can lead to health problems in children and can extend even into their adult years. The sound of a fountain will often calm and soothe your over active child into a deep and restful sleep. If you choose a fountain with a soft light, you have effectively chased away any night monsters that come out in the dark.